Chủ đề luyện nói giờ đồng hồ Anh là tài liệu hữu ích, tổng phù hợp 15 Topic tiếng Anh với rất nhiều chủ đề không giống nhau. Các chủ thể luyện nói giờ Anh cơ bạn dạng gồm bao gồm sinh hoạt thường xuyên ngày, sở thích, du lịch, thời tiết, phương tiện đi lại giao thông,…

Việc luyện nói giờ đồng hồ Anh theo công ty đề mang đến nhiều lợi ích, qua tư liệu này giúp các bạn học nhanh và nhớ lâu hơn. Đây cũng chính là cách học tập từ vựng siêu tác dụng vì nó mang tính chất gợi nhớ. Vày những từ, nhiều từ, cấu trúc ngữ pháp này rất có thể liên kết với mọi từ, nhiều từ và kết cấu khác gồm liên quan. Vậy dưới đó là 15 chủ đề nói giờ đồng hồ Anh phổ biến nhất, mời các bạn cùng đón đọc.

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Chủ đề nói giờ đồng hồ Anh tốt nhất

Topic 1: How does the food you eat affect your health? Tell some food that you think is healthy.


Food is the very important source of nutrition that brings us health in many ways. Animal meat such as pork, chicken, fish gives us animal protein which is very necessary for body cell creation. Vegetables such as salad, pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots, etc... Give us essential vitamins và minerals. Fruit, such as papayas, mangoes, guavas, jackfruits, etc..., is the main source providing us many kinds of vitamins and carotene. Cereals such as rice, wheat, corn, beans, cassava give us starch and glucose. According to some scientific research achievements, in our meals, we should eat much food of vegetable origins, little animal meat to lớn be healthy because much animal meat intake is the cause of many kinds of human diseases. All kinds of food are necessary for us but to lớn be healthy, we should have sufficient knowledge about nutrition.

Topic 2: why do you learn english?


I like learning English because it brings me many benefits. Firstly, it is a compulsory requirement in Angiang University I need khổng lồ get a Level-B certificate of English khổng lồ be delivered my university degree. Secondly, it helps me be able to lớn read materials in English. It is the knowledge of English that enables me to lớn learn how to lớn use computer easily & collect much useful information on the internet. Thirdly, My English ability makes me able lớn communicate with foreigners in necessary cases, giving me good conditions when applying for jobs. Moreover, English helps me know further about another culture. It is English that widens my understanding about the world outside. In summary, I like learning English because it is very necessary for my study, my job, và my knowledge-widening.

Topic 3: What bởi vì you need in order to get a good job?


To get a good job, we must meet all working criteria that the employers require. Technically, we must have enough ability to vì the job effectively. We should have working experience and know how to tackle all situations generating during the process of working. Communicatively, we should have good communicative skills. We should know what our employers need & know how to lớn please them. Also, we should be popular và friendly lớn our colleagues. Sentimentally, we should show the employers our love for the job. We should make them understand that we apply for the job because we love it and really want to vày it. It is this love that enables us work effectively & attach with them for a long time. In short, to lớn get a good job, we must have good professional knowledge, good communicative skills, & the love for it.

Topic 4: Describe your house


My house is small, but it has enough space for my things. It is in mang lại Moi district, about 45 kilometers from Long Xuyen City. There are four rooms in my house: a living room, two bedrooms, and a kitchen. The living room is not very big.

There is a table in the middle with four chairs, a television on the left back corner, and a display cabinet. All of the curtains are pink. There is a vase of flowers on the table. In the bedrooms there are mats, pillows, mosquito nets and blankets. We have one alarm clock in each bedroom. The kitchen seems narrow with a lot of kitchenware, a table, six chairs, & a fridge. The house is surrounded by a garden with a lot of flowers in spring. Our gate is green. I love my house very much because it is the place I was born và grew up.

Topic 5: How bởi vì you spend your summer vacation?


As a student, I don"t have much miễn phí time beside those I love, so my summer vacation is the duration during which I often busy myself with many things at trang chủ all day. In the day time, I often vì chưng sundry things for my grandmother and help my parents to bởi vì housework. In the evening, I go out with some of my old friends. We often chat with each other in a cafe. Usually, when I am không lấy phí from doing housework, I go & visit close relatives in my neighborhood và ask them about their life and business. In the late evening, I watch films on TV or read novels or books lớn widen my understanding. I often go lớn bed very late. In my mind, I always want my short summer vacations khổng lồ be not only comfortable for me but also useful for my beloved people.

Topic 6: How is computer useful for your work or your study?


Key 1

Computer currently helps me much in my study. First of all, it helps me format my lessons effectively. I often type my lessons on the computer & format them to lớn make them attractive to lớn eyes so that I may learn them by heart quickly and nhận xét them conveniently. Next, computer helps me keep my materials safely for future use. Today, beside the hard drive, I often bring my USB"s with me và use them khổng lồ save all what I want at any time and place. Moreover, I often update my materials on the screen. This enables me to lớn create clear và tidy versions of materials and save up much time for other activities. On the other hand, computer is the most helpful friend helping me learn information & knowledge on the internet. Thanks lớn computer, I often access the internet & learn many things. Computer has made my understanding better day by day và become indispensable for my study.

Key 2

Computer is a modern tool which has made life very easy & simple. It has the capability to lớn complete more than one task in small time. It is able to bởi vì work of many human beings alone within less time. It is the utility of highest efficiency. The first computer was a mechanical computer which was created by the Charles Babbage. A computer works successfully using its hardware & fully installed application software. Other accessories of the computer are keyboard, mouse, printer, CPU và UPS. The data which we put into the computer using device is called đầu vào data and device as đầu vào device & data which we take outside using printer or the other device is called as đầu ra data và device as đầu ra device. The đầu vào data gets changed into the information which can be stored và changed anytime. Computer is very safe tool for data storage which is being used in various fields. We can shop, pay our electricity bill, water bill, đoạn phim chat, messaging, e-mail messages anywhere in the world & lots of online activities using the internet.

Topic 7: bởi you like to live in a nuclear family or an extended family? Why?


I lượt thích living in an extended family because this family pattern has many noble values. First, extended families bring children close relationship from both their parents and their grandparents. Children enjoy full love và care from the elderly members in their family. Second, children can inherit family heritage of their ancestors. Familial property và keepsakes can be kept & passed from generation khổng lồ generation, making ties between familial members become firmer. Moreover, in an extended family, its tradition, rituals, and customs can be taught carefully lớn the latter generation, making children realize familial tradition & know how to lớn behave well with everybody right from early lifetime. In summary, the positive values of an extended family, which are real and undeniable, make me like it very much.

Topic 8: What is your plan for the future?

Key 1

I plan to lớn become an accountant because it is an interesting career for several reasons. First, I am trained to vì this job at the university. I take many subjects relating lớn my future job. The examinations I have passed show that I’ll have enough ability to bởi vì the job well. Second, it can train me to lớn become a very careful person in my life. I won’t be allowed to lớn make any mistakes because every mistake can lead to lớn the losing of a big sum of money. Third, with this job, I hope I can help the poor or farmers khổng lồ borrow money from banks khổng lồ invest in their rice fields or vày small business. Fourth, with this job, I can work indoors. I needn’t face the sunlight or dew lượt thích my parents working in the field. Especially, I can earn enough for myself and support my family, I hope so. The above things are the reasons why I plan khổng lồ be an accountant in the future.

Key 2:

Since I was a student I made plans for myself about my future work. I decided khổng lồ enter a university in Hanoi. My favorite subject is information technology. I will study here for 5 years. During the student time, I will actively learn about real projects và apply for more experience. At the same time I will study English & take the IELTS exam. My target is 8.0 Ielts. After I graduate, I will apply for a job at an information giải pháp công nghệ company. I aim after 3 years to have good professional skills khổng lồ be able lớn become a manager of the field I pursue. As a man, I have aspirations for my life. I hope when I can afford it, I will create my own programming product. When I have gone through many events, I myself have experience. I will xuất hiện conversations to cốt truyện with young people – young people with great ambitions like I did when I was young.

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Topic 9: If you have a one-week holiday, how will you spend it?


If I have a one-week holiday, I will return to lớn my homeland. Spending a short holiday at trang chủ benefits me on many things. I can enjoy my không tính tiền time beside my close relatives whom I have seldom seen since I began my study at Angiang University. In addition, I can help my parents to vì housework and go out with my old friends. Moreover, staying home doesn"t cost me any money but I can vì things after my hobby such as watching films, listening to lớn music, play badminton, etc... One-week holiday is not a long time for me, so I want to use it for both myself and my close family members.

Topic 10: vị you like to live in the city or in the countryside? Why?


I lượt thích living in the countryside because of some reasons. Environmentally speaking, it is a peaceful place. The air is fresh. The space is quiet. We can enjoy healthy natural conditions without worrying much about environmental pollution. As for social security, the countryside is a safer place than a city. While urban security situation is always complicated with all kinds of crimes, rural areas are much more secure because most of countrymen are friendly và ready khổng lồ help one another. Moreover, rural life is also easier that in cities. People in cities are easy to lớn get stressed because of pollution, job pressures, competitions, etc ... On the contrary, those bad things are very rare in the countryside. To sum up, except income matters, the countryside is a better residence than cities.

Topic 11. How many seasons are there in the South of Vietnam? Which one vì chưng you prefer? Why?

Southern Vietnam has two seasons: wet season and dry season. However, I only lượt thích the dry season. Firstly, in the dry season, we can vày many things very conveniently và comfortably such as going to lớn school, going on picnic, traveling whenever I like, while in the wet season, rains day after day prevent us from doing many things. Secondly, the dry season is always peaceful for our living. On the contrary, floods, storms, thunders, landslides are deadly disasters which often come in the rainy season. Last of all, the dry season is the ideal time for earning-for-living activities of many people, especially the poor. In the mean time, bad phenomena of weather usually happen in the wet season, causing the life of very many people meet difficulties.

Topic 12: Which places in Vietnam bởi you think are the most interesting for visitors from other countries?

Key 1: In my view, two most interesting place that visitors should come in our country is Ha Long Bay. Ha Long bay is a beautiful landscape in Northern Vietnam. That is where there are thousands of strange-shaped islands & limestone grottoes of all sizes covering a large sea zone in the Gulf of Tonkin. The sea there is very calm while the sky above is often clear and bright, making the whole panorama of Ha Long bay strangely attractive & full of poetry.

Key 2: Hoi An Ancient Town is an ideal place for foreign visitors in Vietnam. It is considered as the most atmospheric city in Vietnam, with bags of surviving historic architecture. Hoi An"s major symbol is the delightful Japanese Bridge at the western end of Tran Phu Street, while nearby, the Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese Congregation is the old town"s most highly decorated temple. Beside quality architecture, Hoi An has a variety of delicious food that attract lots of tourists.

Topic 13: Tell an experience that you never forget.

Key 1: I never forget the moment that I received the news of my passing the university entrance examination. When I saw my name on the list of passers, I felt so happy that I was going lớn burst into tears. My parents were also very glad. They gave me compliments, và showed me how they were pleased about my examination result. My relatives và my friends offered me congratulations. At that time, it seemed that I had been the táo bị cắn in everybody"s eyes. I felt very proud of myself and everybody felt proud of me, too. That is the sweetest memory that I have experienced in my life so far.

Key 2: I’m going lớn tell you about the time when I got lost in a forest 80 km away from my house. It was 1 year ago, I was on a 2-day company trip to lớn a famous resort not so far from the centre of Hanoi. The first day was fun, as I had many incredible experiences with all my co-workers. We were eating, drinking và singing until we were too drunk lớn move our heads. And as usual, being drunk is when we do all kinds of crazy stuff. The place where we camped was adjacent lớn a huge forest. I, who was literally cross-eyed drunk, came up with a brilliant idea. “Let’s go discovering that forest” – I said to lớn those people who were still able to walk. And, crazy as it sounds, they were all interested in what I said.

Topic 14: How vì chưng you spend your weekends?

At weekends, I often spend time for my favorite activities. On Saturday evening, I often go watching films in a café alone or with some of my friends. If I don"t watch films, I play cards with my roommates & chat about all things that we can imagine and go to lớn bed very late. On Sunday morning, I also get up late to relax since my busy study from Monday through Friday always makes me tired. Besides, at weekends, I often buy delicious food khổng lồ enjoy and to nourish my body. On Sunday afternoon, I vị nothing but relax và listen to music or watch TV. Every once a month, I return khổng lồ my homeland to lớn visit my parents, my brothers & sisters, my relatives và to ask my parents for money as well. As these routines happen repeatedly, I am always happy & pleased with weekends I have enjoyed so far.

Topic 15: Talk about your daily routine.

Mẫu 1

My days are always busy & the same. My day begins very early in the morning. I usually get up a 4.30 am. After having got up, I clear my bed, clean my face, brush my teeth and do morning exercises. At about 5.30, I wash my dirty clothes and take a bath. I often have breakfast at 6.30. After having had breakfast, I prepare my books & notebooks, và go lớn school. I study at school from 7.00 am khổng lồ 11.00 am. I usually finish my lunch at 11.50 and then I rest and take a nap. In the afternoon, I often learn in the library from 1.30 pm till 4.30 pm. After that I go khổng lồ market to lớn buy food for dinner. I usually finish cooking for dinner at about 5.30 và have dinner until 6.00 pm. In the evening, from 6.00 pm khổng lồ 7.00 pm, I often take a rest, read newspapers, and listen to music. From 7.00 pm lớn 9.30 pm, I am self-taught in the school library. I usually get to my living-place at about 9.45. Although my daily routine is busy, I am very pleased with it. That"s all.

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Mẫu 2

Hey guys, what’s up!!! My name’s Lien. I’m from Ha Noi city. I’m 12 years old. Today, I wanna tell you about my daily activities. In the morning, I often get up at 6.30 a.m. I brush my teeth, wash the face and then I have breakfast. At 7.30 a.m I go to lớn school. I finish my study at 11h30. I have lunch at 12h30. I have 1 hour lớn take a nap. At 1.30 pm, I go lớn school again. I finish all stuffs at 16h30. I come back home at 17 o"clock. I do some sports from 17h30 lớn 19h. After that, I cook dinner with my mother and take a bath. I take 2 hours for relaxing from 20h to 21h30. I go khổng lồ bed at 21h45. That’s all. Thank you for you’re listening!

Mẫu 3

In the morning, I get up & brush my teeth. Then, I have my breakfast. In my breakfast, I have milk and bread. At half past six, my mom takes me to school. At school I learn many subject like Math, History, Literature nut I lượt thích Math best. Then I have a thirty-minute break at the morning và a twenty-minute break at the afternoon. At six o"clock, I have my dinner with may family. At nine o"clock, I go lớn bed.