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REVISION FOR 45-MINUTE kiểm tra 10.1 – ENGLISH 10 NEW I. Choose the word with the different pronunciation of the underlined part. 1. A typical B. Physical C. Ability D. Identify 2. A. Cooks B. Loves C. Joins D. Spends 3. A. Laughed B. Visited C. Helped D. Missed 4. A. Approach B. Children C. Stomach D. Chore 5.A. Take B. Family C. Grateful D. Table 6.A. Nursing B. Nurture C. Turn D. Future 7.A. Society B. Sociable C. Groceries D. Finance 8.A. Heavy B. Breadwinner C. Cleaning D. Breakfast 9.A. Many B. Prepare C. Parent D. Share 10.A. Laundry B. Iron C. Ingredient D. Cream II. Choose the word with the different căng thẳng pattern. 1. A. Muscle B. Cancer C. Special D. Disease 2. A. Household B. Inspire C. Compound D. Ailment 3. A. Acupuncture B. Benefit C. Breadwinner D. Contribute 2 4.A. Critical1 B. Digestive C. Enormous D. Financial 5.A. Breadwinner B. Homemaker C. Washing-up D. Equally 6.A. Routine2 B. Laundry C. Household D. Finance 7.A. Enormous B. Extended C. Ungrateful D. Elderly 8.A. Vulnerable B. Psychologist C. Society D. Responsible III. Choose the best answer. 1. John cannot make a to get married lớn Mary or stay single until he can afford a house và a car. A. Decide B. Decision C. Decisive D. Decisively 2. Andy sometimes a comic. A. Read B. Reads C. Is reading D. Will read 3. Acupuncture can ease pain và treat from simple to complicated ailments. A. Acupoints B. Treatments C. Points D. Diseases 3. Can you tell me who is responsible the finances in your family? A. With B. To lớn C. About D. For 4. I feel dreadful; I think I sick. A. Am B. Am being C. Am going to be D. Will be 5. Sometimes she doesn’t agree her husband’s proposal about child rearing. A. Lớn B. On C. With D. Of 6. System is made up of our bones. It supports our body toàn thân and protects our organs. A. Circulatory B. Digestive C. Nervous D. Skeletal 7. I am really in the way he talks. A. Interest B. Interested C. Interesting D. Interestingly 8. She apologized to lớn me .hurting my feeling. A. For B. On C. With D. Of 9. Teachers are supposed to responsibility for students’ education. A. Vị B. Join C. Rush D. Take 10. Mary:Who often helps your mother to do household chores? ~ Lan: ___ A. My father. B. My father is a nice man. C. My father often takes care of it. D. My father takes it. 11. Bởi you have to vì ? a. The mess b. Your bed c. The washing-up d. The cook 12.Do you have to lớn the rubbish out? a. Take b. Make c. Empty d. Bởi 13.My mother the responsibility for running the household.a. Holds b. Takes c. Runs d. Bears 14.We tóm tắt the house with our grandparents and our uncle’s family. It is a(n) family. A. Nuclear b. Extended c. Crowded d. Multi-generation 15. Are you free on Sunday evening? I’d lượt thích to khổng lồ the cinema? a. Ask you b. Ask out you c. Ask you out d. Ask you away 16. My mother is very good at her time between work & family. A. Leaving b. Splitting c. Sharing d. Taking 17. When a couple can chores in away that both spouses feel satisfied with the outcome, they are showing mutual respect for one another. A. Cut b. Run c. Take d. Divide 18. The children, all three, have done , mopped, dusted, helped on the house and in the yard. A. Laundry b. Clothes c. Groceries d. Rubbish 19. Our parents hands to lớn provide for the family và make it happy. A. Were joining b. Are always joining c. Join d. Joins 20. My grandparents with my family at present and my grandmother me how lớn cook several traditional Vietnamese dishes. A. Stay- instructs b. Stay- is instructing c. Are satying- instructs d. Are staying- is instructing 21. My responsibility is to lớn wash the dishes và the rubbish. A. Take up b. Get out c. Get up d. Take out 22. The father typically works outside the home while the mother is domestic duties such as homemaking và raising children. A. Suitable for b. Capable of c. Responsible for d. Aware of 23. When both our parents go on business, our nect-door neighbours come & with the cooking. A. Help out b. Help us out c. Help out us d. Help us in 24. A healthy between work và play ensures that everyone has a chance lớn enjoy their lives. A. Balance b. Equality c. Cốt truyện d. Control 25. One of the ways we our teenager’s needs as parents is by giving them attention. A. Watch b. Solve c. Mô tả d. Meet 26. Our parents needn’t ask us our rooms. We vì it every day. A. Tidy up b. To lớn tidy up c. Tidying up d. Tidy 27. My brother và I khổng lồ clean the toilets và take out the rubbish. A. Takes turn b. Take turn c.takes turns d. Take turns 28. My mother gets annoyed with my younger brother because he his dirty clothes over the floor. A. Always throws b. Is throwing c. Is always throwing d. Is going lớn throw 29. Mrs Hang likes wearing casual clothes, but today she ” ao dai” a. Wears b. Is wearing c. Takes off d.

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Is taking off 30. It’s nearly midnight, but our upstairs neighbours karaoke loudly. A. Are singing b. Have sung c. Sing d. Should sing 31 Listen! Sandy in the bathroom. A. Will sing B. Is singing C. Sing D. Sings 32. I can’t xuất hiện this bottle. The cap . A. Won’t move B. Will move C. Isn’t moving D. Doesn’t move 33. . By your father? A. Did that book written B. Was that book written C. Did that book write D. Was that book writing 34. The teacher asked his students the problems.A. Discuss B. Discussing C. To discuss D. Discussed 35. People say that Peter is a good student. A. Peter was said khổng lồ be a good student. B. It was said that Peter is a good student. C. Peter is said to lớn be a good student. D. Peter is said to lớn have been a good student. 36. People speak English in this country. A. English doesn’t be spoken in this country. B. English is spoken in this country. C. English are spoken in this country. D. Does English speak in this country? 32. Dad/ always/ willing/ help/ clean/ house. A. Dad is always willing at helping lớn cleaning the house. B. Dad is always willing for help khổng lồ clean the house. C. Dad is always willing on helping with cleaning the house. D. Dad is always willing lớn help with cleaning the house. 37. Foods into energy in the digestive system. A. Are broken down and converted B. Broken down and converted C. Break down & convert D. Are broken down và convert 38. Although I have taken some aspirin, the headache away. A. Doesn’t go B. Won’t go C. Isn’t going D. Isn’t going lớn 39. When a couple can chores in away that both spouses feel satisfied with the outcome, they are showing mutual respect for one another. A. Cut b. Run c. Take d. Divide 40. Yoga increases endurance, & flexibility. A. Strong b. Strength c.powerful d. Blood 42. Some foods and spices may your breath for days after a meal. A. Spoil b. Harm c. Damage d. Reduce 43. Ailments are caused by a(n) of yin và yang. A. Imbalance b. Unequal c. Abnormal d. Ineffectiveness 44. There are foods that can help you fall asleep or keep you a. Wake b. Waking c. Waking up d. Awake 45. Foods và drinks which strongly the toàn thân can cause stress. A. Boost b. Develop c. Encourage d. Stimulate 46. Some foods và spices may your breath for days after a meal. A. Spoil b. Harm c. Damage d. Reduce 47.It that half of your plate consists of vegetables và fruit. A. Suggests b. Suggesting c. Is suggested d. Is suggesting 48. Fish, poutry, beans, or nuts half of the dinner plate a. Make b. Make out c. Trang điểm d. Make of 49. Ailments are caused by a(n) of yin & yang. A. Imbalance b. Unequal c. Abnormal d. Ineffectiveness. IV. Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting. 1. Frank is usually swimming (A) before work, (B) but (C) this morning he is jogging.(D) 2. I succeeded in (A) to find (B) a job, so my parents didn’t make (C) me go (D) khổng lồ college. 3. She was give (A) a (B) box full (C) of (D) chocolate. 4. Look! Mary wears (A) a (B) pink skirt. She looks (C) so pretty (D) in it. 5. I’ve already (A) decided (B). I will (C) buy a new flat. (D). 6. Look at (A) the dark clouds (B). I’m sure (C) it will rain (D) soon. 7.The earth circle the Sun once every 365 days. 8. Look at these big đen clouds! Itis going toraining. 9. Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical treatmentin the world. 10.Many accidents is caused by careless driving. 11. She can sing very beautiful và dance very gracefully but she cannot vày any difficult math exercise. 12. Sometimesit is difficult khổng lồ avoid to lớn drink when we enjoy an informal party. 13. It takes us two hours getting khổng lồ Nam Dinh by car. 14.The wives are also responsible to lớn the family finances.V. Read the passage & fill in the numbered blanks lớn complete it. The Healthy Eating Pyramid is a simple, reliable guide khổng lồ choosing a healthy diet. Its foundation is (57)___ exercise and weight control, since these two related elements strongly influence your chances of staying healthy. The Healthy Eating Pyramid builds from there, showing that you should eat (58)___ foods from bottom part of the pyramid (vegetables, whole grains) and fewer from the top (red meat, refined grains, potatoes, sugary drinks, and salt). When it’s dining time, fill half your plate with vegetables, the more varied the better, và fruits. Save a quarter of your plate for whole grains. Fish, poultry, beans, or nuts, can make (59)___ the rest. Healthy oils lượt thích olive và canola are advised in cooking, on salad, and at the table. Complete your meal with a cup of water, or if you like, (60)___ or coffee with little or no sugar. Staying active is half of the secret to lớn weight control, the other half is a healthy diet that makes your calorie needs- so be sure you choose a plate that is not too large. 57. A. Monthly B. Yearly C. Weekly D. Daily 58. A. Less B. Fewer C. More D. Little 59 A. On B. For C. Up D. Of 60. A. Wine B. Tea C. Fruit juice D. Beer VI. Rewrite the following sentences, using passive voice. 1.People don’t use this road very often.  . 2.They clean Mr Smith’s room every day.  . 3.They are repairing my piano at the moment.  . 4.Nobody has ever treated me with such kindness.  . 5.They built a new hospital near the airport.  . 6.Has someone posted my parcel?  . 7.My mother is going lớn sell this house.  . 8.The organizers will exhibit the paintings till the over of the month.  9.People say that Mr nhì is the breadwinner in his family.  . 10.It is said that Laura won a special prize at the musical competition.  . 11.Our toàn thân cannot make essential fatty acids or vitamins, so we must obtain them through diet. 12.Low fatty acid levels cause a highter risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease & memory loss. 13.The consumption of blueberries and tomatoes can delay short-term memory loss or Alzheimer’s 14.Just a handful of pumkin seeds a day provides you with your recommended daily a mount of zine. 15.A good intake of vitamin E prevents thinking decline, particularly in the elderly. 16.Nuts supply us with a great source of vi-ta-min E Alzheimer’.17. The human brain can read 1000 words per minutes. 18. The acupuncturist will ask the patient khổng lồ lie down. 19. The acupuncturist should use single – use disposable sterile needles. 20. People keep the needles in acupoints for about twenty minutes. 1. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question. Family types vary in different countries and among different cultures. In Western, industrialized societies, the nuclear family ranks as the most comon family type. It consists of a father, a mother và their children. But nuclear families exist together with many other types of family units. In the single-parent family, for example, a mother or a father heads the family alone. A blended family is formed when a divorced or widowed parent remarries. As divorce rates have risen, the number of single-parent và blended families has increased. In many parts of the world, parents and children live together with other family members under the same roof. These complex families usually contain several generations of family members, including grandparents, parents & children. They may also include brothers or sisters & their families, uncles, aunts và cousins. Even when relatives vày not live together, they still consider themselves members of the same extended family includes grandparents, uncles, aunts & cousins. 1. The nuclear family ranks as the most common family type a. In many industrialized countries b. In countries with nuclear weapons c. That consists of more than two generations d. That leads lớn the divorce of parents 2. In the single-parent family, a. There are often no children b. Only one parent lives with his or her child or children. C. The number of blended children d. Children live with their grandparents 3. Grandparents, parents và children are mentioned as a. The three typical generations of an extended family b. Three branches of a family tree c. The closest & happinest relatives in the family units. D. A complex combination. 4. The second paragraph is about a. American culture c. The relationship between family members b. Relatives and family members d. The extended family 5. The word “ blended” in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to lớn a. Complex b. Married c. Mixed d. Formed